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Phone Line Connection

An example of a "tagged line" waiting for connection

Phoneworks technicians are experts in phone line connections from the Main Distribution Frame (MDF) to your apartment, unit or Flat.

What your Provider will do

During the installation process, your provider will arrange to have a Telstra contractor identify and connect the data or phone line with a card on the Main Distribution Frame. (MDF) This is known as a "tagged" line.

This then allows a licensed Phone Technician, such as Phoneworks to identify the line and connect it through to where ever it needs to go.

A tagged data or phone line on the Main Distribution Frame / MDF will contain appropriate information for your private Licensed Phone Technician, including;

  1. The name on the order.
  2. The phone number of the line being connected. (If appropriate)
  3. The order number associated with the service.
  4. The date when the line was connected and tagged.
  5. Cable details. (more information for your Phone Technician)

For connections or more information on MDF’s, please contact our office and one of our friendly staff will assist you further.

What we do

Once onsite we will quickly:

  1. Discuss your individual needs
  2. Assess your cabling
  3. Locate the Main Distribution Frame or MDF as it is commonly known
  4. Identify the phone line from your premises to the MDF
  5. Identify the tagged line that your provider has organised at the MDF
  6. Test your cabling from the MDF for any faults and rectify if required
  7. Connect the tagged phone line with your service to your premises
  8. Test the phone point inside your premises for dial tone or DSL sync

What we may need from you

As our phone technicians are highly experienced in connecting phone lines, they generally don’t have any issues when connecting lines onsite.

On the odd occasion, however, in the big apartment buildings, they may have difficulty locating a hidden Main Distribution Frame (MDF) or one that is locked.

So that our phone technicians can perform their job in an efficient manner, it would be helpful if you can ensure that we have full access to the MDF upon arrival.

If the MDF is locked, then we will need a key to gain access, which may be obtained from the building manager.

It may be useful to have his contact number, in case he is not in his office.

How much will my Phone Connection cost?

Example of a standard Phone Connection

  1. Travel to jobsite
  2. Discuss job requirements with client
  3. Locate the Main Distribution Frame (MDF)
  4. Identify phone line from apartment to the MDF
  5. Isolate line and test customer cabling for faults
  6. Identify ‘tagged’ line and connect to phone line from apartment
  7. Test phone point in apartment for dial tone and ADSL sync.

An example of a corporate telecommunications Main Distribution Frame (MDF) in Melbourne

Also Included...

  • Certificate of Compliance
  • Fully itemised invoice
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Time spent onsite ... half hour
  • Travel to your premises
  • Great Vale Price $148.50 including GST

To book a Phone Line Connection,
please contact our office and
one of our friendly staff will assist you further.

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