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What you need to know

When shopping for a service provider, it is our opinion that the following considerations should be carefully taken into account before choosing the right one.

Are the Call Centres located Overseas?

  1. Foreign support staff may be difficult to understand
  2. Delays with processes in foreign countries may be experienced causing lengthy “on hold” times
  3. Jobs for local Australian families disappear when Call Centres are not local.

Is the Service Provider 100% Australian owned?

  1. If so, profits are re-invested back into our community.

Which company offer the best value for money?

  1. Some companies market themselves as a premium NBN service providers & therefor charge a hefty premium, but they DON’T give you good customer service.
    They may have strong branding but NOT 100% Australian owned either.
    Their Call Centres are generally overseas with difficult to understand staff.
  2. Other companies are cheaper with call centres also overseas, but still not 100% Australian.
  3. We believe that it is better to choose a 100% Australian owned company with local Call Centres.

They will generally charge a bit more for the service, but at least they are supporting jobs for local Australian families, while profits remain in Australia.

Google Reviews, although not perfect, may indicate some level of customer satisfaction.

Do Your Own Research

The above comments are our opinion, based on many years of working in the industry.

Phoneworks is an 100% independent family company that does not receive commissions or incentives.

We recommend that you do your own research before choosing an NBN service provider.

Phoneworks support Australian families by buying Australian made products whenever possible.

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