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NBN Fibre Cable Repairs Melbourne

NBN Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) is one of several technologies used to deliver broadband and phone services to your premises.

NBN FTTP is the fastest and least problematic cable for use over long distances.

This type of connection is the most advanced technology available but requires specialised technicians to repair any damage.

This is due to the fibre cable being made of fine strands of glass.

Our technicians are trained and equipped with the latest fibre splicing tools to get your NBN fibre cable repaired correctly.


Most Common Fibre Cable Damages

The most common FTTP damages that we encounter are,

  1. Internal damaged fibre cables inside the NBN connection box – Often caused by tradesmen during renovations.
  2.  External underground fibre cables – Often caused by excavations and gardening in the front yard.
  3. Kinks  – Kinking a fibre cable will cause the fibre to crack.


Although an inconvenient problem, our techs have the expertise to get you back online fast.

Why Phoneworks?

Our technicians are genuine telecommunication technicians who have been carefully selected with various appropriate accreditations, below are some points that set us apart from all our competitors,

  1.  Family Owned and run business
  2.   Fully licensed and experienced
  3.  Over 17,000 jobs completed
  4.  Lifetime Guarantee on workmanship
  5.  Certificate of Compliance (As required by Law)
  6.  $20 million liability insurance
  7.  Telstra Accredited technicians

Broken Fibre Cable Repairs in NBN box

Damaged fibre cable inside NBN box?

The most common FTTP damage that we encounter are broken fibre cables inside the NBN connection box.

  1. This is often caused by tradesmen during renovations.
  2. Tampering with the cable by unlicensed cablers
  3. Accidental bumps/knocks

Because the fibre is extremely delicate this is not difficult to do.

Although an inconvenient problem, our techs have the equipment and expertise to get you back online fast.


Learn More About NBN Fibre Repairs

This is a common problem for NBN FTTP users.

We usually offer same day service for these repairs.

Once on-site, we will repair the broken fibre properly with our fibre equipment.

Yes, we carry all the correct cables for this repair.

First, we will repair the damaged conduit.

Then install a new cable from the NBN Pit to the connection box on the side of your home and connect it correctly in your connection box.

Then we will ensure your internet is working throughout your home!

Why choose Phoneworks?


Our Experience

Specialists in NBN, phone and data networks


Fully Licensed Technicians

Our team consist of fully insured and qualified technicians


Lifetime Guarantee

We are the ONLY company to give Lifetime Warranty on all workmanship


Quality Work Assured

Extensive knowledge of the rules and regulations



We offer affordable solutions to meet all types of budgets

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