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WIFI Technician Melbourne

WiFi Set-up & Troubleshooting

As WIFI becomes more popular it’s important you get the job done right the first time by an experienced technician.

The best way to upgrade your WIFI setup is to install a cable to a good quality Wireless access point (WAP) or router.

Once on-site, we can advise on a range of products and assess the premises for the best solution.

As many cheap products don’t perform to the maximum potential you need someone that understands the importance of WIFI.

A carefully thought out WIFI network can fix,

  1.  Slow internet speeds
  2.  Poor Streaming connection (i.e Netflix, Spotify)
  3. Better connection on your devices (i.e Laptops, iPads)
  4. Better WIFI coverage through-out property (i.e Outside and hard to reach places)

How to improve my Home WIFI?

Common Wifi Connection Problems we resolve

Rectifying wifi connection problems for over 15 years we know all the tips and tricks for a good wifi solution for your home or business.

Below are the most common wifi connection problems we’ve come across over the years.

  •  Slow Internet on Devices i.e Laptops, Phones & Smart TVs
  • Streaming services dropping out i.e Netflix, Stan
  • Bad wifi coverage throughout the house
  • Wifi Drop-outs
  • Connecting your devices to your wireless network
  • No Wifi coverage outside
  • Wifi Hotspots for Restaurants 

Better Wifi throughout your home

Achieving the best out of your wifi you need someone that understands not only wifi but all internet network systems.

Once on-site, our wifi specialists will assess your property for potential wifi black spots and recommend a tailormade solution for the best MeshWifi system to suit your needs.

It’s important we test your current network system as a good wifi system heavily dependent on the NBN system it’s utilising. We check all network systems on your property including,

  1. The current internet speeds
  2. Existing modems and equipment
  3. Existing ethernet or NBN cabling

In addition, we will check existing wifi signals across your property and check all devices for compatibility before the work is completed.

WIFI Installation Melbourne

Having the best NBN connection can only do so much. If your WIFI network is not set up properly you won’t be able to maximise the use of your NBN.

It’s important to use the correct products. Wi-Fi extenders are a band-aid solution when trying to optimise your WIFI connectivity and often won’t work correctly.

Having one of our technicians assess your property and present a tailormade solution will ensure you will be able to use your internet for what it’s for.

WIFI Technician near me

Need a Wifi Technician?

Our technicians cover all Melbourne suburbs including the Mornington Penisula!

With advanced knowledge we can solve any wifi issue you throw our way.


Why Phoneworks?

One of the most important decisions that you are going to have to make is who to trust when it comes to getting that important job done.

Learn More About WiFi Setup & Installations

Although wifi extenders can work in certain circumstances, some products are made to pick up a wifi signal and re-throw it.

Rather than using a data cable which is not ideal.

It’s important to install a Wireless Access Point (WAP) system that works properly 100% of the time.

Unfortunately, most wifi extender products are a ‘Band-aid” solution.

Unlike other companies, Phoneworks can install data cabling and also program the wireless system specifically at your home or business.

We can assess your business once on-site and provide you with a range of products to maximise the potential from your NBN.

Why choose Phoneworks?


Our Experience

Specialists in NBN, phone and data networks


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