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Although these sockets were used many years ago nowadays they can be unreliable and non-functional with today’s network technologies. Upgrading to a newer style phone socket is always the best option as the old 600 series are very problematic.

Not knowing whether the fault is in your wiring or the NBN’s is confusing right?

We recommend contacting your service provider to first check for outages in your area. If they give you the all-clear then getting your wiring tested by an experienced technician is the next step. Once on-site, we can properly test the line, determine where the fault is and fix it! We carry all the latest testing equipment to pinpoint the fault fast!

This is because the current infrastructure at your premises is not compatible with the NBN or they are unable to install new cables to upgrade you to the NBN.

If you are unsure about what infrastructure is needed you may want to consider a site visit by one of our techs.

With extensive knowledge of the NBN, we can check…

  1. If your current conduit is usable (i.e Not blocked or damaged)
  2. Whether the current cable is usable for the NBN
  3. If necessary assess the premises for new cable or conduit work


Nothing is more irritating than a slow WIFI network.

There are multiple ways to upgrade your WIFI on your premises, this can be achieved by the following,

  1. Upgrading Modem
  2. Install multiple Wireless Access Points (WAP)
  3. Install Router to extend WIFI signals
  4. Data Cabling (Fast & Secure connection)
  5. Relocating modem to a more central location of the house
  6. We can advise and install the best solution to unlock the potential from your NBN connection.

This is a common problem and you are not the only one.

This means your old phone points throughout your home or business is not connected to the NBN. A reconfiguration of your wiring is needed to get them connected. We have done many of these jobs and usually take between 30-45 minutes to resolve.

Absolutely we can assist you with this issue!

We have specialised fibre technicians that complete these jobs in their sleep! Typically this job is completed in approximately 30 minutes and can be completed the same day you call.

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