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NBN battery replacement Melbourne

Have you got NBN Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)?

Next to your NBN fibre NTD (Network Termination Device), there will most likely be a battery backup.

The battery backup is installed in the event of a blackout to give you the advantage of still using your home phone and internet.

Once the battery has lost its charge a red light will appear followed by an annoying “beep” every 15 minutes.

This means the battery is out of charge and must be replaced.

Phoneworks is the No.1 NBN Battery replacement company in Melbourne.


How the NBN Battery UPS works

Although blackouts are uncommon they do still occur during a storm or electrical failure. It’s important to understand what your battery back up does and how to use it.

  1. Once the main power has been interrupted the NBN battery back up will automatically switch on and run the NBN NTD for up to 2 hours
  2. Once the battery has depleted 50% of its charge it will “Beep” telling you it’s about to turn off to sustain a charge for an emergency
  3. to Utilise the rest of the battery press and hold the “emergency button” for up to 5 seconds until you hear a “beep”. This means the emergency back up will run your NBN equipment for up to another 2 hours

Note: This only powers the NBN NTD and not your devices i.e Router, Phones and computers. A separate Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) should be installed to power your devices.

If you have further questions please contact our friendly staff to gather more information about these products,

Getting your Battery replaced for your NBN Equipment

The batteries supplied by NBN co usually last up to 24 months. Once the battery has passed 24 months it is no longer under warranty and up to the customer to get it replaced.

Once onsite we will check your existing NBN equipment and install the CORRECT battery and test for continuity.

It’s important to install the correct battery by a licensed phone technician to ensure no harm to NBN’s equipment.

Once the battery has been replaced you will receive a “Certificate of Compliance” and we can advise on refunds from your service provider

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