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Our private NBN technicians are highly experienced and fully licensed with the Australian Communication and Media Authority (ACMA)

A Phoneworks NBN technician can give you better service because we give you accurate advice by only specialising in telecommunications.

All work is backed by our Phoneworks ‘Lifetime Guarantee on all workmanship’ *

Book one of our friendly NBN technicians to help you with any,

  1. Onsite assessment and advice
  2. Fault detection
  3. Cable installations
  4. Underground Lead-in installations
  5. Cable repairs
  6. Data cabling
  7. WI-Fi solutions
  8. Cable locations
  9. MDF Connection
  10. Overhead cable Installations




Fibre To The Home (FTTH)

Fibre To The Home (FTTH) will have the capacity to supply telephone, fast broadband, “Free To Air” TV and Foxtel services.

In preparation for your Fibre To The Home installation, our technicians will be able to assist with:

  • Location of the Telstra Lead-in Trenc.
  • Installation of the Telstra Lead-in conduit
  • Location of the Optical Network Terminator (ONT)
  • Location of the Power Supply Unit (PSU)
  • Location and Installation of communications cabinet or Home Hub
  • Installation of Foxtel and TV cables
  • Installation of Phone anc Data cables
  • Installation of Security System

Fibre To The Home equipment and cabling practises will be installed to Telstra and the Australian Communication and Media Authority (ACMA)regulation standards.


Fibre To The Home … on your existing house

Installations of Fibre To The Home on your existing house will depend on budget restrictions and the construction of the dwelling.

As with Fibre to The Home on a new house, our phone technicians will need to assess your existing home to your individual needs.

Considerations that will affect the installation of Fibre To The Home include,

  • Is the house single story or double story?
  • Is the house weatherboard, brick veneer or double brick?
  • Is the Telstra Lead-in conduit the correct size?
  • Is there easy access to the Lead-in conduit on an external wall of the home?
  • Is the Lead-in conduit blocked or have restrictive bends?
  • Do you need a Lead-in upgrade?
  • Do we have access to areas that need to be cabled inside the home?
  • Is the house being renovated?

Call the office today to make an appointment for one of our friendly specialist communication technicians to visit your home.


Connecting to the NBN

Most new properties require an underground connection to the NBN network

This involves trenching and possibly other works like boring under footpaths & through walls

Contact Phoneworks now to solve your problem of connecting to the NBN quickly & easily

Phoneworks have over 30 years’ installation experience, which includes:

  1. Site assessments
  2. Cable & Utility Services locations
  3. Trenching & re-instatement
  4. Boring under footpaths, roads & brick walls, etc
  5. Limited access
  6. NBN & Telstra Regulations
  7. Road crossing permits
  8. NBN Ready, Forms 1 & 2 for council regulations
  9. Upgrades for old undersized Telstra conduits
  10. Damage repairs to existing infrastructure
  11. Domestic, Commercial & Industrial installations

Phoneworks have many contractors on call & ready to assist you that are:

  1. Experienced
  2. Professional
  3. Motivated
  4. Friendly
  5. Organised

Why choose Phoneworks?


Our Experience

Specialists in NBN, phone and data networks


Fully Licensed Technicians

Our team consist of fully insured and qualified technicians


Lifetime Guarantee

We are the ONLY company to give Lifetime Warranty on all workmanship


Quality Work Assured

Extensive knowledge of the rules and regulations



We offer affordable solutions to meet all types of budgets

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